Pantry of Love

by Voices for Children Advocacy Center

The Pantry of Love provides new basic essentials to children and families who have experienced trauma.  At Voices for Children, more than 2000 families a year receive hope, help and healing from child sexual abuse, physical abuse,  neglect, and child human trafficking.  

The Pantry of Love is a space where these children are provided with essential basic needs items such as toiletries, clothing, a clean set of sheets, a soft blanket for comfort, and a new pair of shoes and socks.  Every item in our pantry is brand new. The reason for this is that we believe these children must feel highly valued and worthy, we show this by providing them with brand new, nice, items (cont.)

We want children to leave Voices for Children knowing they are worthy, they are valued, and they are loved.

Listed below is the list of items that we need to fill the Pantry of Love. You will notice that there is formula and baby food on this list. Unfortunately, they serve children so young that they must be to be carried through our doors. They are too small to walk. We have infants and toddlers who need our comfort as well. Thanks to a generous donor, our diaper shelf will continue to be filled .  

The Pantry of Love was birthed from Kim Grey,  Angie Hendershot and Cheryl Sclater. 

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