Transforming the lives of 174 women at the Benkadi garden

by The Wash Project

According to many global health professionals worldwide, the Sub-Saharan country of Mali is one of the most under-equipped places on earth to defend itself from COVID-19. With extremely fragile health systems and a shortage of health care providers, Mali ranks as one of the most vulnerable countries on earth in the face of this global challenge, with one doctor per 100,000 people countrywide. 

COVID-19 took longer to reach the continent of Africa, and we've been preparing an aggressive, community-wide approach to prepare the community through media outreach, partnership with the local hospital, and providing critically-needed equipment and protective gear for those working on the front lines. 

Our next steps are to equip every resident in the community with soap and clean water to give each person the best chance to remain healthy. But in this community, water is scarce, as are resources for basics such as soap. 

In partnership with local women, we are producing thousands of liters of liquid soap, clean water and protective masks to be distributed for free to every neighborhood in Ouelessebougou. Through our network of Wash Project ambassadors, we will be able to track the needs of each neighborhood, and return to keep the supply of soap and clean water flowing. 

It is our commitment to continue this work until we have seen the other side of our global fight against COVID-19.

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