Bobbert's Medical Emergency

by West Place Animal Sanctuary

The new year has not started the way we hoped and unfortunately, I have some very serious news to share about Bobbert. Since December 21, Bobbert has been experiencing severe medical issues that have required emergency calls to our veterinarian on Christmas day and now a lengthy stay at Tufts University Veterinary Medical Center. He is currently in critical condition and fighting for his life, and we are doing all we can to help him pull through. 

You can read his full medical emergency story here

A Note from Executive Director, Wendy Taylor:
This is not an update I wanted to write. 
The board chairman and I drove to Tufts last night, (1/06). Upon arrival, Bobbert’s surgeon met us in the parking lot to warn us that he had taken another turn for the worse. The doctors tried their best, Bobbert gave it his all, and the decision we had to make was one of the hardest we have ever been faced with here at the sanctuary.  The board chair and I sat on the ground and let him sleep in our laps for about an hour and whenever he could, he would open his one eye and wag his tail to let us know that he knew we were there with him. He will forever remain the most handsome, the biggest character, and the happiest and most unique creature any of us ever had the pleasure of meeting. Because of this, I will continue his legacy by working to create The Bobbert Memorial Fund, an internship scholarship fund, which will offer some wonderful Bobbert gifts. We cannot even begin to thank everyone enough for the outpouring of not only your good wishes and prayers for him but for your financial support. For anyone looking to donate, we still have not received his final medical bill or paid for his burial so any support is appreciated. 

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