[reclaimed] Timber

by Green Stairwell Concert Series

Program concept by Baltimore percussionist Adam Rosenblatt

This concert features a rarely heard performance of Timber, by composer Michael Gordon, which is performed by six percussionists playing blocks of wood. Using wood from abandoned homes in Baltimore, the homes themselves become the main voice telling the ongoing story of a city that still struggles with equity and stability for all its residents. 

Local light artists Jenn Figg and Matthew McCormack have created a custom-designed LED lighting system that responds to the music in real-time, reflecting the waves of sound as waves of light and shadow. 

Please help support this powerful program. 3 early donors, plus a grant from the MD state arts council have gotten us off the ground, and we need $4,500 more to make it all happen. The funds we raise will help to acquire the performance rights, produce the art-programs, pay the musicians, artists, and designers, and record audio and video of the performance. All donations are tax deductible.

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