E-bikes: Powering Connections

by Wichita Police Foundation

To make Wichita a better and safer city, the Wichita Police Foundation is seeking financial support to purchase 4 electric bikes equipped with essential bicycle patrol gear for the Wichita Police Department (WPD).

The addition of electric bikes will enable the WPD to increase positive connections between Wichita’s police officers and citizens and assist in combating crime.

The electric bikes increase officer maneuverability, allow officers to ride between buildings, move in or around large crowds, and promote faster response times in heavily congested areas. “The electric bikes have increased the team’s ability to respond to calls more quickly and further away. The team is also able to be more efficient in wind and when riding up hills,” says Sergeant Gulliver, WPD Broadway Corridor Team Commander. Additional benefits include cost efficiency, versatility, and environmental benefits.

Most importantly, bicycle patrol removes the barrier of the patrol car, making police officers more approachable. “While patrolling on bikes, I have noticed the team is much more accessible to the community. We are often flagged down by citizens with concerns and citizens with questions as we ride through neighborhoods,” shared Sgt. Gulliver.

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