Girl's 'I Can! Do. Be. Have. ANYTHING!' Online Conference

by Women's Journey Foundation

"Follow your dreams even when people tell you no!" - Cailyn age 9 after attending the Women's Journey Foundation Girl's 'I Can!' Conference

Women’s Journey Foundation lifts women and girls of all ages through education, empowerment and engagement.

  • Educate. Discover Anything Is Possible. 
  • Empower. Know Who You Are.
  • Engage. Choose a Vibrant, Purposeful Life. 

Join Our Movement! Help make our Girl's 'I Can! Do. Be. Have. ANYTHING!' Conference available to every girl who wants to come. This conference is free to girls from low income families or foster care. Groups like Sunburst Military Academy, Boys and Girls Club, Girl Scouts and Childs Pace send girls each year. We range from 300-500 girls every year. 


  • 100% - Increase in teen girl suicide rate from 2007-2017
  • 90% - incidence of eating disorders found in teen girls
  • 70% - girls who suffer from low self-esteem

One young girl from CASA, age 16, was hurting and considering suicide. After participating in the Girl's Conference, she came up to Patty Turrell - our Founder - and shared how at the conference "I changed my mind". This teen came back the next 2 years, and mentored the other young girls in year 3. THIS is why we do this work! 

What does your donation fund? 

  • $50 - sends one girl to the conference
  • $100 - sends one girl and a friend to the conference
  • $250 - sends a group of 5 girls to the conference 
  • $1000 - sends a group of 20 girls to the conference; or allows us to bring in inspiring role models to share inspiring stories and life learnings

Past role models such as: Selena Laniel - American Ninja Warrior; MacKenzie Freed - Miss California; Carnie Wilson - Pop Singer; Lindsay Wagner - Actress

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