Woodhull Sex Worker Support Fund

by Woodhull Freedom Foundation

Sex Worker Rights ARE Human Rights! And yet, sex workers are often denied the most basic rights because they face discrimination from the criminal justice system because of the stigma associated with anyone in the sex industry. 

Still reeling from the horrifying results of the SESTA/FOSTA legislation, sex workers are now dealing with the Coronavirus - facing isolation, loss of income, incarceration and, when released from prison, a lack of testing or care and with little or no community housing. Sex Workers in the US don't have "safety nets" like filing for unemployment, or so-called "stimulus package" qualifications. Their invisible network ties have been obliterated by legislation and media frenzy concerned with non-existent trafficking narratives, policies and programs that further isolate and marginalize their lives.

We have to help! Your donations will ONLY be used by sex workers and for sex workers. All donations, minus processing fees, will be directed IN FULL to SWOP Behind Bars.

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