Campaign to help Volunteer Medical Service Corps of Lansdale

by North Penn YMCA

North Penn YMCA is committed to helping the primary first responders of the North Penn area. The Volunteer Medical Service Corps of Lansdale (VMSC) would like to purchase a much-needed activated hydrogen peroxide fogger system so they can decontaminate ambulances after the transportation of a potential COVD 19 infected person. 

Currently, after a patient is transported, the ambulance is decontaminated with standard disinfectant cleaners, but the complex surfaces created by all of the equipment makes it difficult, if not impossible, to get into all the nooks and crannies. One type of technology commonly used by EMS throughout the country, is a Hydrogen Peroxide fogging system. This well proven technology creates an extremely fine mist that can permeate all spaces of the truck with a quick acting disinfectant know to be effective with the SARS and the COVD virus.

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