Youth Wise Virtual Gala and Week of Giving 2020

by Youth Wise

Our youngest generation is experiencing higher rates of anxiety, depression, and suicide than any previous generation (Twenge, 2017). Isolation, trauma, social media, and neglectful or over parenting are contributing factors to the unnecessary suffering of today’s kids (Twenge, 2017; Haidt, 2019).

But there is hope. A proven intervention that helps kids is youth mentoring. Mentored youth report having fewer depressive symptoms, greater acceptance by their peers, more positive beliefs about their ability to succeed in school, and better grades in school (Herrera, et al, 2013).

We are currently working with 8 schools and growing. Partner with us to reach more kids! 

Your support will provide kids with caring mentoring friendships that help them heal and grow to reach their full potential! Thank you!

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