Growing Hope Through Aquaponics

by YWAM Emerge

You care about people: that's why you're here.  

We care about people, too. We care about the 2 billion people that make less than $2 a day worldwide, and we care about the family next door who can't afford healthy groceries. 

We want everyone to have access to nutritious food, and we would love for you to join us! Your donation helps us build greenhouses and aquaponics systems worldwide. 

Why aquaponics? Our mission is to help organizations launch local food systems that reduce poverty with dignity. Aquaponic systems generate fresh, healthy produce year round, they use 85%-90% less water, typically bring more revenue, require less time, and have far less impact on the environment than traditional farming. 

Our project areas include:

The Middle East: We are partnering with a church that is helping with the Syrian refugee crisis by employing 100 refugees and feeding 1000 refugees a week.

Central Asia: Our first system has been a success and is supporting two families and selling 100% of its production. The next step is to build five more systems in the region which will provide more jobs, training opportunities, and fresh local produce. 

North America: We are partnering with a food bank in Colorado to provide nutritious food to the people they serve. 

South Africa: The system will provide income, jobs, and healthy greens to the community. 

Your donation does more than feed the hungry. It also provides jobs, dignity and sustainability. Thank you for partnering with us!

*All donations will be divided up between projects or put towards the most immediate need. If you have questions about where your donation is going please contact us at or call (719)695-0330

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