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Tue, Jul 13th 2021 at 10:00 AM EDT · By Albany Institute of History & Art
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Tue, Jul 13th 2021 at 10:00 AM EDT
Thu, Aug 26th 2021 at 11:30 AM EDT
Albany Institute of History & Art
125 Washington Ave
Albany NY, 12210
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Tuesdays -Thursdays


Ages 6-12

$55 members ($70 non-members)

1-Wate& Waves, July 13-15 

Join us to explore the color and movement of water in art.  We’ll use paint and drawing media in both realistic and expressive styles as we delve into color, mark-making, and implied texture in our work.  Together we’ll follow both traditional methods of creating as well as experiment with the flowing qualities of water in unusual action art techniques. 

2-Sunrise, Sunset, July 20-23 

Create glowing works of art with us as we view sunrise and sunset scenes from the museum’s collections.  Opportunities will be provided both for young artists to create their own designs as well as to paint along with a led painting experience.   


3-Trains!: Angles & Perspective, July 27-29  

All aboard!  Together we’ll take inspiration from train imagery currently on view in the Romancing the Rails: Train Travel in the 1920s and 1930s exhibition.  The dramatic travel scenes showcase excellent use of angles and perspective which we’ll emulate in our own train artwork. 


4-Egyptian Art: A Glimpse into the Past, Aug. 35 

Discover the beauty of ancient Egyptian art and culture!  This class will virtually tour our ancient Egypt galleries, and have a blast creating art inspired by what we observe.  We’ll discover exciting myths and create Ancient Egyptian-styled artwork. Objects and artwork will be modeled after artifacts on view and include models of canopic jars, ornate sarcophagi, as well as wearables such as a mask of a lion god. 


5- Color & Light: Translucent Forms, Aug 10- 12 

Let the light shine in as we explore the impact of light and color streaming through translucent shapes.  We’ll look to the luminous creations of sculptor Dennis Byng in the museum’s collection as inspiration as we create our own works that play with light, color and translucent and opaque forms. Special polymer clay that allows light to go through will be used for unique sculptures, and see-through materials ranging from paints, plastics, and tape will be used to create sculptures and sun catchers. 


6-Vases & Vessels, Aug 17-Aug 19 

Watch your artwork take shape this week as we create vases and vessels out of materials like air-dry clay, folded paper, and upcycled materials.  We’ll look at antiquities like tiny Egyptian juglets that are thousands of years old, as well as contemporary pieces with big patterns and interesting textures.  Extension activity options will include directions to create paper flowers to fill your creations with. 


7-Stamp! Blot! Print!, Aug. 24-Aug. 26 

Stamp, press, blot, and print as you discover the world of printmaking with us this summer!  Participants will have the opportunity to explore a variety of printmaking techniques.  We’ll create our own relief printing plates that will be used to create multiple editions of prints, and print with found objects, and monotypes as we put our own impression on things!  




  • Zoom meeting IDs and sign-in information will be sent to registrants by the Monday of each scheduled session week. Please let us know if we should use a different email address than the address you used for registration.
  • Meeting invitations are for registered participants only. Please do not share invitation information.
  • Meeting passwords and waiting rooms will be used for each session.
  • To protect the privacy and safety of all participants, please do not video record, photograph, live stream, or transmit any part of the Zoom virtual session without permission.


  • Included with registration, each session will have an art kit with specific supplies for each activity. 
  • Art kits for the coordinating Artful Mornings sessions will be available to pick up at the museum's front desk the week before the program during museum hours.  Please let us know via email ( when you'd like to pick up the materials, and we'll make sure the kits are ready at the admissions desk for you. 
  • We recommend having the following basic at-home art materials available in addition to the art kit materials: washable markers, crayons or colored pencils, scissors, pencils, blank paper, and a permanent marker.


  • If registrations have not been received 2 weeks beforehand a session will be canceled.
  • Registration for each session will be closed the Friday of the week before so that art kits can be coordinated for pick up.


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July 13-15: Water & Waves


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July 20-23 Sunrise, Sunset


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Trains!: Angles & Perspective


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4 Member Class Registration

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Egyptian Art: A Glimpse into the Past August 3-5


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5 Member Class Registration

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Color & Light: Translucent Forms August 10-12


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6 Member Class Registration

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Vases & Vessels August 17-19


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7 Member Class Registration

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Stamp! Blot! Print! August 24-26


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