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Tue, Jul 7th 2020 at 9:00 AM EDT · By Albany Institute of History & Art
Date & Time
Tue, Jul 7th 2020 at 9:00 AM EDT
Thu, Aug 27th 2020 at 12:00 PM EDT
Albany Institute of History & Art
125 Washington Ave
Albany NY, 12210
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Tuesdays -Thursdays


Ages 6-12

$70 non-members ($55 members)

1- July 7-9: Art Challenge-Session Canceled

Stretch your creative muscles as you discover imaginative ways to respond to art challenges!  We’ll explore both individual and team challenges (collaborating online) as we respond to prompts in a variety of media including sculpture and paint.  Challenges will introduce us to new art techniques, and artist styles while encouraging participants to utilize their newfound knowledge in their own unique manner. 

Please note: This session is cancelled; please join us for the other 7 summer sessions!

2- July 14-16: Egyptian Inspirations

Discover the beauty of ancient Egyptian art and culture!  This class will virtually tour our ancient Egypt galleries, and have a blast creating art inspired by what we’ve learned.  We’ll discover exciting myths, and create Ancient Egyptian styled artwork. Objects and artwork will be modeled after artifacts on view such as paddle dolls, and mummy models.


3- July 21-23: Shape Up!

Join us to shape up this week as we explore the art element of shape!  We’ll discover both geometric and organic shapes in museum works on view and our own artwork.  2-D and 3-D works will be created including engaging techniques like compass and string paintings.


4- July 28-30: Reinventing the Museum

Let your imagination run wild as we take a look at works in the museum and reimagine them for our current time frame.  Portraits from hundreds of years ago will be viewed with fresh eyes as you imagine what clothing and style changes would update the person to a 2020 look.  Portrait makeovers will be expressed through your artwork and compared to the original.  Other museum objects will be examined to see how the item would fit into current times and new versions created as our young modern day artists see fit.


5- August 4-6: Action Art

Are you ready to take action?  This week we’ll get playful as we paint and explore lively ways to apply paint that may or may not involve brushes.  We’ll use balloons, balls, drips and even small explosions to create beautiful painted paper designs. 


6- August 11-13: Copy That!- -Session Canceled

Discover the world of printmaking with us this summer!  Participants will have the opportunity to explore a variety of printmaking techniques.  We’ll create our own relief printing plates that will be used to create multiple editions of prints, and also print with found objects, and create monotypes as we put our own stamp on things!

Please note: This session has been canceled please join us for session 7 Wearable Art, and session 8 Drawn to Art!


7- August 18-20: Wearable Art 

Become a walking art show as you display your art created this week in our Wearable Art session.  Together we’ll take inspiration from details of works in the museum’s collection and make them our own while incorporating patterns and designs into our own shirts, bags and more!


8- August 25-27: Drawn to Art

Make your mark as you try out drawing mediums like drawing pencils, and charcoal.  We’ll discover new techniques and explore texture and value scale in our artwork.

Tuition includes materials and instruction.

The art program will take place from 9am - 12pm, using Zoom video conferencing as art kits with materials. Breaks will be built in between projects as well as times to work offline before coming back together as a group to share artwork and continue on with additional projects.



9:00-9:30 -Participants login, we'll virtually explore museum artworks and on Wed. and Thurs. will allow time to share and showcase our own artwork with each other

9:30-10:30-1st Art Activity

10:30-11:00- Break for snack, chat with other participants, watch related art video clips together &/or logoff temporarily if desired

11:00-12:00-2nd Art Activity

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