One Night Stand

Sat, Feb 9th 2019 at 6:00 PM EDT · By Attack Theatre
Date & Time
Sat, Feb 9th 2019 at 6:00 PM EDT
Sun, Feb 10th 2019 at 12:00 AM EDT
Ace Hotel Pittsburgh
120 S Whitfield St
Pittsburgh PA, 15206
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Rock Legends and Ballroom Blitz levels are officially sold out. Please join us at 8:30PM in the gym of Ace Hotel Pittsburgh for more Rock 'n' Roll revelry during the Gym Class Heroes part of this event. 

Party like a rockstar with Attack Theatre at Ace Hotel Pittsburgh on Saturday, February 9, 2019. Indulge in an evening of fame and philanthropy in support of Attack Theatre's powerful arts and education programming.

Throughout history, hotels have been a staple of the luxurious (and notorious) parties of rock legends. Join us to celebrate this legacy of decadence through dance and live music performance.

From hotel rooms to the ballroom to the gymnasium, this One Night Stand will go down in history as a smashing good time.*

*Please, no swinging from chandeliers or trashing hotel rooms. Leave that to the professionals.


Rock Legends | 6:00PM

Kick off the night in style with a roaming reception in the guest rooms of Ace Hotel Pittsburgh. Hop between uniquely themed rooms to get a taste of the iconic parties of Rock Legends.

This is your all-access pass to One Night Stand, including admission to the Ballroom and the Gymnasium.

Ballroom Blitz | 7:30 PM

Hit the ballroom for the newest addition to this benefit gala. Whitfield will serve up a sumptuous spread of food and beverage, while Attack Theatre shares collaborative performances with special guest musicians. This ticket includes admission to the Ballroom and the Gymnasium.

Gym Class Heroes | 8:30 PM

Dance the night away in the gymnasium during the culmination of Rock 'n' Roll revelry, featuring drinks, desserts, dance and live music performances, and more. This ticket only includes admission to the Gymnasium.

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame


Dawn Davies and Francois Bitz

Paul Purdy and David Onufer, Jr.


Francine Abraham
Anna and Pete Baird
Jan and Drew Barkley
Vivian and Bill Benter
Jeffrey Bergman and Michael Painter
Ava DeMarco and Rob Brandegee
Kate Colligan
Michele de la Reza and Peter Kope
Hallie and Joshua Donner
Susan Gillis and Eric Kruman
Sean Gray 
Christopher Hahn and Ron Booth
Keri Harmicar and David Seman
Kathryn Heidemann and Jonathan Golli
Monica and Adam Hertzman
Dr. Douglas and Jane Himberger
Rebecca Himberger and Dan Rinkus
Alison Hipwell and Rob Henning
Allison Howard and Jonathan Iams
Michael Janicky and Bob Mahr
Mary Beth and David Johnson
Eileen and Patrick Jordan
Dr. Robert and Mary Anne Kormos
Dr. Larry Leahy and John Vandegrift
Pam and Ken McCrory
Mark F. Flaherty and Mary McKinney Flaherty
Gerald Morosco and Paul Ford
Gail and Steve Mosites
Carmelle Nickens
Carol and Somer Obernauer
Molly Onufer
Dorna and Todd Palcic
Richard Parsakian
Michele Petruccelli
Sharon Steele and Steve Schlick
Christie Seibert Smith 
Nancy Simpronio 
Rob Webb
Gene Welsh and Marty Healy

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