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Fri, Dec 27th 2019 at 5:00 PM MST · By Charity Anywhere Foundation
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Fri, Dec 27th 2019 at 5:00 PM MST
Sat, Jan 4th 2020 at 5:00 PM MST
Jardin Del Mar
4027 Las Conchas Blvd
Puerto Penasco Sonora,
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Chula is a 62 year old widow who lives in Puerto Penasco (Rockypoint.) She is raising her 15 year old grandson as her own child and wants to have a home for her and her grandson.

This home we are building for Chula will be completed by two teams. 

The first team will arrive on December 27th and will begin working on Saturday the 28th. We will frame the walls, building a roof, building a block holding for the septic system, doing electrical and plumbing work and adding stucco and foam to the exterior. The team will finish working on December 31st. 

The second group will arrive on January 1st and will begin working on January 2nd. This team will pick up where the first group left off to finish the roofing, stucco, electrical and plumbing work. We will also put in the drywall, install fixtures, paint and do some landscaping. The second group will finish working on January 4th. 

Your donation will pay for all of the building materials required to complete the home. It also includes accommodations and breakfast and lunch during your four day trip. We will be having a no host dinner at a local restaurant each night as a group. 

More about Chula

Chula has worked as a cleaner at Playa Bonita Resort 6 days a week for over 30 years. Her husband was a fisherman and 10 years ago he never returned home from a fishing trip. Before his passing, he had built a home for their family. But after his death the deed for the home was passed to her son, who she currently lives with.

Her son is a good person, but he deals with alcoholism. When he has his difficult times, home life can get difficult. She needs to give her son space and to provide a more stable home life for her 15 year old grandson, who she is raising. 

Project Manager

Jamison Manwaring will be the project manager for Charity Anywhere.  Jamison resides in Scottsdale Arizona where he operates an apartment renovation fund. He also owns the bed and breakfast in Puerto Penasco where we will be staying during the expedition. 

The day-to-day construction will be lead by a local general contractor Vidal Melendez who will instruct the volunteers on the construction of the home. All of the work will be done by volunteers.   

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