Pandemic Pedalmania

· By Columbus, Texas Lions Club
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Columbus, Texas Lions Club -

This is a virtual bike ride, but everyone still gets a t-shirt or bandana. It's supposed to be fun and 100% of the proceeds will benefit worthy charities. You can ride wherever you like - roads, trails, even your own stationary bike, at home or at the gym. You get to choose how far you want to ride. You can ride it all in one day, or break it up into smaller rides. Everyone is welcome adults, kids, babies in strollers, pets of all kinds. (I think guinea pigs look great in bandanas!) You can start riding now, keeping a log of distances and times, and complete your ride any time before June 15. Each rider and pet can log their rides and will receive a cool digital certificate after they finish. You can post your photos, videos, and stories of the ride on the Pandemic PedalmaniaFacebook page.


Adult rider

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Adults, 18 or older, or youths riding without a paid adult


Child rider (17 and under with paid adult)



Pet rider

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Let your pet accompany you (actually or virtually) and get a Pandemic Peddlemania Bandana


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