Dogs Playing for Life's Stranger Danger

Sat, Apr 18th 2020 at 10:00 AM EDT · By Dogs Playing for Life
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Sat, Apr 18th 2020 at 10:00 AM EDT
Sun, Apr 19th 2020 at 6:00 PM EDT
16698 Co Rd 137
16698 Co Rd 137
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At Dogs Playing for Life’s Stranger Danger Seminar, hosted by Aimee Sadler, CEO and Founder of Dogs Playing for Life, you will learn how to work with dogs that are wary of strangers, building their confidence and helping them develop new skills which will enable them to meet new people (and potential adopters) happily and successfully! Even for the private dog trainer or dog owner, the skills taught in this seminar will help support the reactive dog to expand their comfort level when meeting new people!


In sheltering, how do we strike that balance between helping reactive dogs cope better in the adverse conditions of a traditional kennel environment while developing an interest in expanding their circle of friends and enjoying meeting their new potential family members? Our objective, in animal sheltering, is to support our dogs physically, emotionally and behaviorally while in our care for the purpose of finding them homes and a family of their own.  With this in mind, understanding the importance of generalization, i.e., behaving similarly from person to person, is critical for their success. 

In our Hands-On work with owned dogs as well as our DPFL Canine Center sheltered dogs, we will demonstrate: 

  • DPFL’s Assess and Progress approach - fluttering between assessing and influencing behavior to determine how a dog might respond WITHOUT proper human support to determine what training is necessary for successful placement

  • Comprehensive Tool Selection - determining what tool will support the dog best while keeping the handler and others safe during the learning process

  • Principles vs. Methods - determining what approach will teach the dog as efficiently and effectively as possible 

  • Creative Proofing - training with the goal of solid generalization of new skills; dog must work for multiple handlers with clarity and confidence


DPFL has been developing canine enrichment, training and behavior programming for sheltered dogs since 1998 and has proven measured results. 

  • DPFL has served over 280 shelters internationally with enrichment programming seminars

  • DPFL Programming has contributed to a 32% decrease in dog-human bites at participating, surveyed shelters resulting in an average decrease in canine length-of-stay of over 7 days while increasing canine life-saving, on average, over 5%!

  • Since opening, DPFL has served over 160 at-risk dogs from 26 different organizations at our Canine Center with a 88% save rate

  • Founder/CEO, Aimee Sadler, is a renowned speaker and trainer in both the animal welfare community and professional training world, having presented at the International Association of Canine Professionals, Best Friends Animal Society, Humane Society of the United States and Masters in Behavior annual Conferences.

Stranger Danger Seminar: Each day will run from 10am-6pm with a lunch break right around 12pm. Coffee, snacks, and lunch will be provided each day. On Saturday, Aimee will provide a classroom presentation, followed by hands-on instruction and demonstration for the remainder of the seminar. Attendees are welcome to attend for one day or both, but there will be no repeat of the presentation on Sunday.

Working/Auditing Tickets: Auditors will observe training techniques and be invited to participate in some hands on demonstration with dogs currently living at DPFL's Canine Center. Working spots are for individuals who would like to bring their own dog for training during the seminar. Dogs must be able to hold a reliable "sit" command with the handler walking up to six feet away from the dog. For questions contact us at

Hotel Information: For rates listed, please contact hotel and mention "Dogs Playing for Life"

  1. Home2 Suites (386-487-9890): $129.00 (Pet Friendly. Requires additional Pet Fee).
  2. Best Western Plus  (386-754-5944): $119.00 (NOT Pet Friendly).
  3. Tru by Hilton (386-259-6640): $109.00 (Pet Friendly. Requires additional Pet Fee).

For more information regarding the impact of DPFL programming, please review our DPFL Impact Report on our website:

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