eta's Virtual Season "Voices of Protest"

· By eta Creative Arts Foundation
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 "Welcome Supporters"

We are inviting you to be apart of our magical audience! So, please join us for one of the most exciting experiences ever beginning Thursday September 24th and runs through December 13th.

As you know the Covid-19 Pandemic has hit us all differently. And for theatres like us our  house has been closed so no live theatre has been produced. However, eta is the theatre where magic happens, so we’ve produced a fabulous virtual series of performances capturing the exquisite voices of our historic game changers from Frederick Douglas to Angela Davis, to Jesse White  to Sandra Bland.

 What will happen is, after you make a donation a seat will be reserved in your name. You will then receive a digital link that will direct you to our YouTube channel where you will enjoy the Voices of Protest capturing the journey of African Americans in pursuit of our freedom

  *all contributions are tax deductible as prescribed by law*


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