Robot Design in CAD - Part 3 Section A

Thu, Nov 12th 2020 at 3:00 PM EDT · By NYC FIRST
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Thu, Nov 12th 2020 at 3:00 PM EDT
Thu, Nov 12th 2020 at 5:00 PM EDT
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In this three-part series, students will become familiar with Fusion 360, learn to build FTC and FRC robots, learn how to move the robots, and then finally design custom parts.

Fusion 360 is a collaborative, cloud-based environment that offers all-in-one 3D and 3D CAD/CAM (Computer-Aided Design and Computer-Aided Manufacturing) software.

To participate in this workshop (Part 3), students should have taken Part 1 of the series or know how to access the files you need to be an FRC or FTC robot in CAD. 


This workshop series purpose is to create an entry point to Fusion 360 and to help you effortlessly create working CAD models of your robots for FTC and FRC.

We will teach workflow around sourcing, manipulating, moving, aligning, assembling, and creating motion between parts to test your robot mechanisms. 
Part I

  • Short intro - what type of files we need to build our robot (CAD Vs. Mesh - STL, OBJ).
  • Accessing FREE AND READILY AVAILABLE 3D CAD models of robot parts from Vendors and bringing them into Autodesk Fusion 360.

Built-in options: 

  • Manufactures Library (Parts4CAD).
  • McMaster Carr.
  • Getting parts online from vendors and other sources.
  • Move, align, and assemble with joints.
  • Learn how to utilize the move tool - it has more to offer than you think.
  • Using the Align tool - snapping objects together with ease - a simple “from-to” action.
  • Assemble - intro to joints.
Part II

  • Using joints to hold together and assembly.
  • Types of joints, freedom of movement, and motion.
  • Joint limits and contact sets (restricting motion to simulate real-world constraints).
  • Creating a motion study.
Part III

  • Modifying existing parts (cutting, joining, etc.).
  • Creating a custom part using existing part geometry.
  • Intro to manufacturing or making the part in reality (where to start, what to consider, what are the limits).

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