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Sun, Apr 25th 2021 at 10:00 AM PDT · By Kathy's Legacy
Date & Time
Sun, Apr 25th 2021 at 10:00 AM PDT
Sun, Apr 25th 2021 at 11:00 AM PDT
Orangetheory Fitness
6985 El Camino Real UNIT 101
Carlsbad CA, 92009
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Join us for a 60-minute Orangetheory class hosted by Coach Madison. Proceeds from this class will benefit Kathy's Legacy Foundation. 

Each participant will receive a swag bag (including a water bottle, 2-class pass and towel) and will have a chance to win the grand prize. You DO NOT need to be a member of Orangetheory Fitness to participate. Please arrive 20 minutes early. You are encouraged to bring your own water and towel. 

Orangetheory Fitness is a science backed, coach led, heart rate based interval training class that focuses on Endurance, Strength and Power. All fitness levels welcome!

Your safety is very important to us! To accommodate for social distancing, Orangetheory has a reduced class size and implemented disinfecting protocols. Masks are required. 

Questions? Email 

Kathy's Legacy Foundation serves children and pets impacted by domestic violence.  We revive hope, restore normalcy, and inspire dreams in the lives of children orphaned by intimate partner violence. Kathy's Legacy is named in honor of Coach Madison's mom, Kathy. 

Our Silver Lining program assists children whose lives are traumatically altered by the murder of a parent due to domestic violence. Through no fault of their own they are orphaned by one senseless act. In some cases, the children witness the murder, call 911, or provide CPR in an attempt to save their mothers’ lives.

Monthly the families receive financial assistance to help provide food, clothing, toiletries, household supplies, and gas.  As needs arise Kathy’s Legacy funds school supplies, computers, tutoring, furniture and unexpected needs. Kathy's Legacy hosts family outings so the children can form bonds knowing they are not alone. They are creating new happy memories together.   

These children are fresh reminders of the challenges that face the silent, under-served victims of domestic violence homicide. 

Family pets are often unnoticed victims of domestic abuse and caught in the crossfire of the violence. Over 71% of victims stay in an abusive relationship to protect their pets. Through our Lady’s Legacy program, we are working to provide foster care for pets while the victim receives shelter assistance.  We are resolved to establish a support system for victims and their pets to co-shelter upon leaving an abusive situation.

For more information about Kathy’s Legacy visit EIN 46-3127920

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