2021 WPSR Health Justice Gala Registration

Sat, Mar 6th 2021 at 5:00 PM PST · By WPSR: Washington Physicians for Social Responsibility
Date & Time
Sat, Mar 6th 2021 at 5:00 PM PST
Sat, Mar 6th 2021 at 7:30 PM PST
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Virtual Doors at 5 PM | Event starts at 5:30 PM

Called to Heal: Washington Physicians for Social Responsibility engages the community to create a healthy, peaceful, just, and sustainable world.

Register today for our inaugural virtual fundraising event, the WPSR Health Justice Gala.

On March 6th we will (by way of YouTube) celebrate the work of WPSR and chart a course for our future! We'll hear from WPSR's Board President, Mark Vossler, MD ; WPSR's Executive Director, Max Savishinsky ; artist and activist Lauren DuPree ; a keynote address from activist Dr. Mustafa Santiago Ali ; and from WPSR's 2021 Paul Beeson Award Honorees: Prof. Edwin Lindo and Dr. Estell Williams.

Together we will raise *at least* $160,000 to support WPSR!

Support our work with a donation or by becoming a Peer-to-Peer fundraiser!

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Why WPSR? 

We take on the gravest current threats to human health and survival - nuclear weapons, economic inequity, and a climate crisis driven by dependence on fossil fuels. WPSR leverages the credible and trusted voice of healthcare professionals, subject-matter experts, and their accomplices and allies to educate the influence decision-makers and promote practices and public policies that support our mission.

Our work in 2021 and beyond builds on the legacy of H. Jack Geiger, whose vision and efforts have shifted the way we all understand healthcare. Public health is more than medicine, more than what can be done in a lab or clinic. 

We aim to prevent that which we cannot cure. By working on the issues of nuclear armament, climate change, and economic inequity at their roots, we work to build a healthier, safer, and more just Washington state, region, and world.

As of March 4th, 2021

$10,000 and above 
Dave & Anne Hall, Kenneth Lans, MD, MBA, and Mark Vossler, MD 

$1,000 and above
Bruce & Joann Amundson, Joe Berkson, Emer Dooley, Annemarie Dooley, W. Eberspacher, Gerri Haynes, Evan Kanter, Luke Magnotto, Bill Schnall, MD, Joachim Veith, Jean Walkinshaw, and Anonymous

$500 and above 
Dr. Samuel Bernstein, Maeve Bowen, Joseph & Gail Bowlds, Karen Bowman, Sara Cate & Russell Maier, Fionnuala Cormack, Virginia Darvill, Mark Gregor, Dave & Anne Hall, Leah Ann Haseley, Rick Israel, Charlie Janeway, William Jones, Vineeta Kumar, Dr. Richard Lipsky, Peter Manos, Bruce Smith, David Spurr, Stephen Tarnoff, Kathryn Treit, and Anonymous (X4)

$250 and above 
Gary Amundson, Joseph K Berkson, Stephen Bezruchka, Markus Boo, Alison Bradywood, Julie Buck, Sonya Campion, Cheryl Clark, Rosemary Coleman, Chris Covert-Bowlds, Amish J Dave, Roscius Doan, Conor Dooley, Denny & Joan Duffell, Sally Goodwin, Jeffery Graham, Mark Gunning, Alex Hamling, Gwen Hanson, Priscilla Hoang, Gretchen Hund, Kristen Knox, James W Little, Danny Low, Robert H Malte, David McLanahan, Dianne Michele Glover, Ashlin Mountjoy, Mary Murphy, Fred Noland, Steven S Overman, MD MPH, Randall Paulsen, Anita Penuelas, Sandy Perlmutter, Donna Phares, James Robinson, Sigrid Salo, Sachita Shah, Don Solberg, Michael Soman, Brien Stafford, Hugh Straley, Joachim Veith, Nancy L Ward, Mary B Weiss, Lara Wilson, Jonathan Witte, and Anonymous

$100 and above 
Diane Aboulafia, Charles Bailey, Holly Barker, Elisabeth (Betsy) Bell, Patricia Boiko, Margaret W Bone, Sally Bowie, Gene Brandzel, David Brook, Kit Burns, Catharine Carine, Jeffrey Cohen, Cindy Cole, Katie Constans, Joe Copeland, Carol Cordy, MD, Chris Covert-Bowlds, Joan Crooks, Susan Curry, Minoo Damanpour, Nancy Danoff, Jennifer Donnolo, Virginia Felton, Tisha Frank, Howard Frumkin, Steven Gilbert, Dr. Mariaimeé "Maria" Gonzalez, David Gould, Elinor Gregor, Amy Hagopian, Lindsay Harris, Irl B Hirsch, MD, Setsuko Hosoda, Rejean L Idzerda, Nancy Johnson, Jeffrey Johnson, Aaron Katz, Sally Kentch, Elizabeth Kruse, Rajneet Lamba, Arlene Leichtling, Joan Lindell, Robert A Low, Julia Margaret Ruark, Charles Mayer, Paul & Peggy Miller, Laura Murphy, Bud Nicola, Nan Noble, Fred Noland, Gil Omenn, Suzinne & Jonathan Pak-Gorstein, Pathmaja Paramsothy, Michael Pearson, Moises Ramirez, Anne Richard, Robert Richard, Doane Rising, Paul Roberts, Patricia Rothwell, Barbara Sardarov, Susan Schulkin, Steve Sher, Laura Skelton, Gregg Small, Marcy Stafford, Eric Swenson, Karen Totten, Bill Van Bibber, Frances Walker, Chia Wang, Kathleen Washienko, Anthony West, Anthony West, Kaycie Wood, and Anonymous (x11)

$50 and above 
Tara Barnes, Ashley Caye Lindell, Jim & Lourdes deMaine, John Denooyer, David Drake, Suzanne E Scharlock, Mary Ferguson, Alex Grande, Emily Grant, Noelle Hunt Bennett, Aya Kuribayashi, Kelly Maddox, Pamela L Martin, Michael Martin, Fiona O'Leary Sloan, Elliott Paloy, Janell Patrick, Barbara Phinney, Fiona Robertson, Elizabeth Rodland, Joel & Susan Savishinsky, Ronald A. Shure, Kristina Soman- Faulkner, John Stafford, Jane Stiehl, and Anonymous (x4)


Cascade Kidney Services
Economic Opportunity Institute
Karen Bowman & Associates
Morgan Stanley
Physicians for a National Health Program
Soundmark Wealth Management
Sunrise Financial Services
Swedish Health Services
Washington Permanente Medical Group
Washington State Nurses Association

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