Project Refit SnD Call of Duty Tournament!

Fri, Oct 16th 2020 at 7:00 PM EDT · By Project Refit
Date & Time
Fri, Oct 16th 2020 at 7:00 PM EDT
Sat, Oct 17th 2020 at 11:30 PM EDT
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Project Refit's debauchery and shenanigans are back for a good time to build a little more of a community. We are going to have much better EVERYTHING! 

This is a charity tournament but of course its also a military and first responder nonprofit so, that means we are going to talk shit and have fun. Yes, it's open to all ages. Yes, we may curse. Yes, we will try and limit it. Yes, we will make fun of ourselves. Yes, we will make fun of you. Yes, we want you to make fun of us if you're funny. If you're not funny, we may ask you to stop trying. Yes, we will read the names of fallen military and first responders. Yes, we love our country and everyone in it so NO RACISM, BIGOTRY, SEXISM, OR ANY BULLSHIT LIKE THAT!

Let's have fun. Let's go! 

Project Refit

SnDGame Settings: Round Time Limit: 1M : 30S Round Win Limit: 6 Rounds Win By Two Rule: Disabled Win By Two Max Rounds: N/A Round Switch: Every Round Match Start Time: 15 Seconds Round Start Time: 10 Seconds Skip Infil: Enabled Practice Round: Disabled Input Swap Allowed: Disabled CDL Tuning: Enabled Codcaster: EnabledAdvanced Settings: Bomb Timer: 45 Seconds Plant Time: 5 Seconds Defuse Time: 7.5 Seconds Multi Bomb: Disabled Silent Plant: Enabled Reset Plant/Defuse Progress: EnabledPlayer Settings: Number of Lives: 1 Life Max Health: 100 (Normal) Health Regeneration: Normal Tactical Sprint: Enabled Allow Revives: Disabled Show Enemy Death Location: Disabled Downed Health: N/A Downed Revive Health: N/A Downed Bleedout Timer: N/A Downed Revive Time: N/A Downed Give Up Time: N/A Weapon Mounting: DisabledTeam Settings: Spectating: Team Only 3rd Person Spectating: Disabled Killcam: Enabled Final Killcam: Final Kill Enable Mini Map: Yes Radar Always On: Disabled Weapon Pings on Minimap: Enabled Weapon Pings on Compass: Enabled Enemy on Compass: Disabled Respawn Delay: None Wave Spawn Delay: None Suicide Spawn Delay: None Force Respawn: Enabled Team Assignment: Enabled Friendly Fire: Enabled Team Kill Punish Limit: DisabledGamePlay: Spawn Camera: Disabled Hardcore Mode: Disabled Spawn Ammo Mags: 3 (Normal) Realism Mode: Disabled Headshots Only: Disabled Health Steal: Disabled Cranked Timer: Disabled Allow Field Upgrades: Enabled Field Upgrade Charge Rate: Normal Field Upgrade Score Modifier: Normal Perks: Enabled Killstreaks: Enabled Round Retain Streaks: Enabled Retain Streaks on Death: Enabled Equipment Delay: Disabled Equipment Protection: 7.5 Seconds Battle Chatter: Disabled Announcer Dialogue: EnabledMaps:Arklov PeakGun RunnerPiccadillyRammazaSt. PetrogradWeapon Restrictions:All LmgsFAL Assault RifleAll ShotgunsRiot shieldAll Marksman RiflesAll Rocket LaunchersRestricted attachments:M203 40mm Concussive M203 40mm Smokescreen M203 40mm Recon M203 40mm High-Explosive M203 40mm Flash M203 40mm Incendiary 12 Gauge Deputy Merc ForegripAll LasersAll suppressorsAll Thermal SightsFrangible - Wounding Frangible - Disabling (Weapon Perks).357 Snakeshot RoundsKill Streaks:AllRestricted Perks:Kill ChainQuick FixHardlineHigh AlertOverkillRestockShrapnelTrackerEquipment Restrictions:ClaymoreC4Molotov CocktailProximity MineThermiteDecoy GrenadesGas GrenadesHeartbeat SensorSnapshot GrenadeStimRestricted Field Upgrades:Recon DroneStopping PowerWeapon DropTactical InsertionDeployable Cover

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