It's A New Year! Virtual Bingo Fundraiser

Sun, Jan 17th 2021 at 4:00 PM EST · By GFWC Woman's Club of Lake Wales
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Sun, Jan 17th 2021 at 4:00 PM EST
Sun, Jan 17th 2021 at 6:00 PM EST
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1. Check your junk mail for emails from

2. An email from will be sent to you on or before Saturday, January 16, 2021 by 2 PM.

3. When you receive the email, click the bingo card links AND the Zoom link right away to make sure you can access your bingo card(s) and the 1/17/2021 Zoom meeting.

4. Sales close10AM the day before the event.

5. Direct all questions to


We are a non-profit organization in Lake Wales, Florida in Polk County. Our mission is to improve our community by volunteering time and financial resources through programs and fundraising that support many local groups and charities in the Lake Wales area. A few of our recent projects included making and delivering Greeting Cards for local nursing home residents; providing backpacks filled with school supplies to local middle schoolers; encouraging stewardship in our local environment by initiating a beautification project on our 7 local traffic triangles; providing a scholarship to a local high school student who would otherwise not be able to fund college expenses; donating to Soles for Souls which provides shoes and business opportunities in third world countries; providing socks for needy local school children and Christmas presents for local children who would likely not otherwise receive any gifts.

Our Bingo event is ten games of Bingo, plus three chance spins on a Wheel of Fortune. This event is to raise funds to support our mission. This year, due to the Covid19 pandemic, we have been unable to hold our live events, but the needs in the community continue.



Payment for this event will either be made by check or electronically. Online sales will end on Saturday, January 16th at 10 AM.  Personal checks must be received four days before the event. Checks must be made out to: GFWC Woman’s Club of Lake Wales and sent to: P.O. Box 3466, Lake Wales, FL 33859. Payments by check must include a working email address at which we will be able to send the Zoom link and the virtual bingo cards.

To pay electronically, purchase your Bingo ticket on which is connected to PayPal.  A Woman’s Club provided Bingo card is needed to play. The cost of registering for the event i.e. The Ticket is $20. Two bingo cards are included with The Ticket. Additional Bingo cards can be purchased at 4 for $10 from the link provided. You must include your name and email address when purchasing The Ticket. The email address you use on will receive emails from . Check your email inbox and your junk folder. Your bingo card(s) will be emailed to you by Saturday, January 16th at 2 PM. If you do not see the email from us, please contact . Cards can be purchased until 10 AM Saturday morning, Jan. 16th.

Virtual Bingo Parties

You might want to gather friends practicing social distancing, if you prefer, and have a Bingo party at your location. One person can log in to Zoom, turn the volume up and all can have a good time.


Prior to the Game

To participate you must be 18 years or older and live in a state that allows Bingo. Before the game you can practice using your online Bingo cards and you can also open the Zoom link and practice finding and using the chat function.


About the Game

The event will be played and viewed on Zoom. Prior to the beginning of the game, you will need to set up a free Zoom account, if you don’t already have one. After your ticket is purchased, you will receive an email with instructions on how to enter the WFWC Woman’s Club of Lake Wales’ Virtual Bingo event on Zoom. If you are new to Zoom, once you receive the email, you can click the link provided to test entering the meeting. The Zoom meeting is limited to 100 people. Only the email addresses provided when purchasing bingo cards will be allowed to enter the Zoom meeting. If you are buying cards for other people, provide their email addresses instead of forwarding your Zoom link to them.

You will receive your Bingo cards through email. Open the email and Click the link sent to you in the email.  If using the online card option, practice marking and resetting the numbers. You will have to either use a split screen on your computer or open your cards on a different device than the device you are using for the Zoom. If printing the cards and using a dabber, print ten copies of each card. If printing and using a coin or object to cover the numbers called, you can use the same card for all games.


Playing the Game


The Zoom -At the start of the game, all participants will be muted. After that all communication with the caller will be made on the chat function.  For each game the caller will announce the pattern. When you have one number remaining to obtain Bingo, you must use the chat feature to announce you have one number left and what that number is. At that point the announcer will slow the game down a bit. When you obtain Bingo, you must announce in the chat feature that you have bingo and the unique number that is on your card. For example, “Bingo card 112.” Do NOT remove the markers on your card when Bingo is called. The numbers called will be verified with the Bingo card that called Bingo. If it is determined that Bingo is not on the card claiming Bingo, the game will continue where it left off. If Bingo is verified, that game is over and you can clear your card. At any time during the game you can see the numbers that were called by watching a board displayed on the Zoom.


Winners—Ten games will be played. The first 9 games will award a prize of $20 each, which will be split between winners if there are multiple winners. The 10th and last game will be the Jackpot game which will be worth$125. As with the other games, this Jackpot prize will be split among winners if there are multiple winners. Three times during the evening, a Wheel of Fortune Spin will award a $10 Walmart Gift Card to each of the winners of the three spins. All players will be represented on the spin board. When a player is verified as having Bingo, their email will alert us to their name, then an email will be sent to them at the completion of the games to request an address where the prize can be sent to them via check through the USPS.


During the Game

Disconnection—if the connection is lost, please do not panic. If it is on our end, we will get the room up as quickly as we can. You may need to reconnect to the room the same way you initially entered. If connection is lost on your end, please re-enter the room as quickly as you can. When you return, use the display on the Zoom to catch up on any numbers called during your absence.



Refund policy

A refund can be requested from the organizer if the event is cancelled by the club.

Contact Information

If you need further information or would like to inquire about GFWC Woman’s Club of Lake Wales, please contact us at

Thank you for participating in our event.

Check our Facebook page The GFWC Woman’s Club of Lake Wales, Inc for future events.



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