Love is Love Boston

Sat, Feb 8th 2020 at 8:00 AM EDT · By The OUT Foundation
Date & Time
Sat, Feb 8th 2020 at 8:00 AM EDT
Sat, Feb 8th 2020 at 12:30 PM EDT
Invictus Boston
209 Columbus Ave
Boston MA, 02116
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After registration, you will receive an email to complete your team setup. This will include Team Name, T-Shirt Sizes, Division, etc. 


We're proud to announce registration for our 1st Annual OUTWOD Love is Love Partner Competition and Fundraiser!

Teams of 2 will compete within the walls (and beyond) of Invictus Back Bay in Boston, MA.

Each team will compete in multiple workouts and an online fundraiser leaderboard. Scores from workouts and placement on the fundraising leaderboard will be used to calculate the top performers who will go head-to-head in a final workout to determine the winners!


Teams are gender inclusive and can consist of any combination of gender identity. The only rule is that both team members are able to perform the required skills per division.

Note: We will be using typical CrossFit standards during programming. If you are gender non-conforming, we ask that you use standards consistent with your athletic ability. Teams will be disqualified if noticeably gaming the division system and will be asked to sit out the remainder of the competition.


Each team member will receive an exclusive Love is Love T-Shirt and exclusive offers from our partners.


Each team shall raise a minimum of $150 thru their Team Fundraising Page prior to competing. The minimum fundraising shall be complete by Feb 14, 2020. If teams have not submitted the appropriate minimum by Feb 14, 2020, the outstanding balance towards the minimum fundraising requirement will be charged to the credit card on file..



  • Chest to Bar Pull Ups
  • Handstand Push Ups
  • Double Unders
  • Clean and Jerk 155/115 (working weight)


  • Pull Ups
  • Push Ups
  • Double Unders
  • Clean and Jerk 135/95 (working weight)


  • Jumping Pull Ups
  • Knee Push Ups
  • Single Unders
  • Clean and Jerk 115/75 (working weight)


Top teams in each Division will be awarded prize packages from our sponsors and more!


Who can compete?

Literally...anyone. You can compete and you can compete and YOU can compete.

What if I've never competed?

Don’t worry! We welcome first-timers and have a lot of them. Division 3 is especially for the beginner CrossFitter. They say you always remember your first time and…well…we’d love to be your first.

What is the online fundraising event?

As part of our dedication to the LGBTQ+ community, The OUT Foundation is nothing if not the sum of its donors.

Your team's fundraising could make or break your chance at a top spot at the Love is Love Competition. Upon registration, you will be asked to create a Team Fundraising Page. Your total fundraising will be tallied with all other teams vying for the top spot in each division!

Do we have to fundraise?


After registration, you will receive an email to complete your team setup. This will include Team Name, T-Shirt Sizes, Division, etc. 

WODs (4 WODs will be released in total)

"LOVE HURTS" (released 12/15/19)

15 Minute AMRAP

Buy In: 100 Wall Balls (D1: 20/14, D2: 20/14, D3: 14/10)

Alternating Rounds in Remaining Time:

6 Dumbbell Box Step Ups (D1: 65/45, D2: 50/35, D3 35/20)

8 Alt Dumbbell Snatch

10 Handstand Push Ups (D2: Hand Release Push Ups, D3: Hand Release Knee Push Ups)

"HEAD OVER HEELS" (released 01/05/20)

3 Minutes for Max Reps

D1: Chest to Bar Pull Ups / D2: Pull Ups / D3: Jumping Pull Ups

3 Minutes for Max Distance

D1 & D2: Handstand Walk (D1 scored at 20ft increments, D2 scored at 5ft increments) / D3: Backward Bear Crawl

3 Minutes for Max Reps

D1 & D2: Double Unders / D3: Single Unders

"MUST LOVE LIFTING" (released 01/09/20)

AMRAP in 15 Minutes

30 Clean and Jerks (D1: 135/95, D2: 115/75, D3: 95/65)

40 Burpee over Bar

20 Clean and Jerks (D1: 155/105, D2: 135/95, D3: 115/75)

30 Burpee over Bar

10 Clean and Jerk (D1: 185/135, D2: 155/105, D3: 135/95)

20 Burpee over Bar

Max Reps Clean and Jerk (D1: 225/155, D2: 185/135, D3: 135/95)

"TIL DEADLIFT DO WE PART" (released 01/09/20)

With a 10 minute running clock:

Find 1 Rep Max Deadlift

*Wilks Calculation for scoring

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