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Like many nonprofits, we have had to suspend all of our programs due to the COVID-19 virus and consequently no longer have the revenue stream we depend on.

However, this loss of income does not reduce our fixed costs of feeding and caring for our amazing equines, without whom Horse SenseAbility wouldn't exist. We want to make sure our ponies are happy, healthy and ready to get back to working with our participants when this crisis is behind us.


While Wildstar Farm will continue to pay the barn staff, Horse SenseAbility needs your help to cover Ruby's feed, hay, supplements, farrier and veterinary​ expenses. Please consider sponsoring Ruby for a few days at $14.19, a week at $99.36, a month at $397.43.

A donation you make by May 7th will be doubled by the generous sponsors of the dinner originally scheduled for that date. A contribution of any amount is greatly appreciated.

As a thank you for your support, we will send you or your child a certificate plus a pack of our popular pony trading cards. We will also regularly post photos of Ruby on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

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